aprìco [Italian word from the Latin aprīcus]: Bright, radiant, exposed to the sun and open air.

Trullo Aprìco is just like that, bright and lapped by the sun’s rays from sunrise to sunset, thanks to its privileged position, immersed in the heart of the Monti district in Alberobello, a UNESCO heritage site since 1996.

Every morning the sun first lights up an alcova with a small study corner overlooking the church of Santa Lucia’s bell tower. Then the light touches the bedroom, illuminating the whitewashed walls, to wake you up calmly and start your holidays in Puglia without haste.

Later, the sun moves along the facade, giving light to the dining room surmounted by the large cone-shaped roof.

At sunset the sun radiates the garden, nestled among trulli cones and stone walls. Here you can enjoy the aromas of aromatic herbs and orange blossoms, surrounded by plants of the Mediterranean scrub: myrtle, thyme, rosemary, gorse, wild olive. You will wait for the evening, enjoying the cool summer evenings in Valle d’Itria.

In winter, your moments of relaxation will move inside, next to the lit fireplace, to chat late or read a good book.


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